To get information about the project go to or for help go to Doom9's XviD forum.  On this site you will find 2 versions of XviD.  The stable version and the developer version.

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Since dev-api-3 was merged with the root tree and closed, I have pointed the instant builds there.  The Instant builds now build the root tree, and the Stable builds (in the download section) are now the release builds.  This means the Stable builds are again stable, but don't have the fancy stuff that's in the Instant builds.

Just to make one thing clear, The 'STABLE' builds in the download section are not, and will not be stable until the core development team says 'XviD 1.0 is out'.  Until then, all these builds are for tests only.

Mostly old news for you today.  The Development API has been merged to the Stable (Root) tree for XviD 1.0.  The Stable tree is not quite stable, until the core developers announce version 1.0.  This probably means that the developer branch will have alot less activity over the next few weeks or more.

Well, I've been keeping busy these past weeks.  I had a down'd router at work, so there were no build made over the weekend.  Should be fixed now, except I can't get XviD stable tree to build.  VfW gives a bunch of errors. If you have any thoughs on the matter, let me know.  Quite a few changes since I last wrote about it.  For one thing, XviD seems to be running faster than ever.  Everything in the Dev build seems to work (gmc, qpel), except for B-frames, which are unreliable ... for the moment.

Happy new year everyone.

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