Older News:

I just redid the download section.  It is now also an instant builds section, except it builds the Root (stable) tree.  There you should always be able to find the latest stable version of XviD.  It does not contain the experimental features in the dev-api-3 tree, like Qpel, B-frames and GMC.

It's been a while since I updated this page.  A while back I changed the Instant builds to use the API3 tree.  This makes it even less stable than it was before, but the build has B-frames and Qpel ME.  Changes since 10.09 include new ME, Qpel, B-frames and alot of speedups and bugfixes.

Not much happening these days.  The source for XviD is being changed alot to add the proper legal headers and such.  Alot of work is being done behind the sceenes that we will se soon enough.

Though everything isn't back to normal, the CVS is back up, and the developers are at it again ! (yessss; /me doing happy dance)  Anyway, the official XviD site will not be open until the Sigma issue is fully resolved so unfortunatly there forum is offline also.  But now we can look forward to a bright and glorious future with XviD.

Even with official development stopped, at least for the moment, work is still being done.  Alot has happend in the past 10 days that I'm not going to go into in any detail.  Let's just say that everybody is still pissed at Sigma.  I just hope the situation will be resolved soon and development can continue at the same pace it was on.  I always enjoyed installing 3 builds a day.
Koepi is still working on XviD and making new builds, so you might want to take a peek over there. 

What can I say.  You should read this, this and this.  More news will follow.  I'm still optimistic.

I'm making some changes to the instant builds these days.  They are built as usual, but the contents of the package is changing.  Also I hope to give better info on the instant build page about the newest build.  I'm also fixing the changelog to reflect the changes to the CVS correctly (had some problems while I was on vacation).
I took a look at my statistics today for the first time since I got back.  There was an explosion in users around the middle of last month.  The word is obviously spreading about XviD, which of course is a very good thing.  To all the newcomers (and everybody else) I'd like to say welcome, and don't forget to check out Doom9s guides and forum for any help you might need with XviD (just remember to search before posting).  Doom9 is the king !

Just thought I should list the changes since I listed them last almost 3 weeks ago.
New curve treatment by Foxer, Grayscale encoding (for dirty black/white movies, not dirty as in porn!), swiched back to old lumi-masking code, and alot of bugfixes as usual.  B-frames are also comming along well.

Vacation over.  Well sort of.  At least I'll start paying attention to XviD again as of today (or tomorrow since I'm quite tired).  The site has broken 100k users this year.  Before I know it, I'll be as popular as Doom9 :) .

A small note... never leave "highly trained" professionals alone with good computers while your on vacation.  They'll just start playing Half-Life :).  Instant builds are working again.  I'll fix the changelog in just over a week to reflect the correct time of changes.  Also, the SMP-build is not working (at the moment).  If your having problems downloading it, it's not there.  Try again soon.

Summer vacation really takes it's toll.  I thought I'd just drop by to see how everybody's doing.  The codec's progress is extraordenary.  Also there's been a huge change at XviD.org (very nice).  We're seeing better B-Frames, better SMP preformance, and the beginings of frame-dropping (option), and alot of other fixes.

I'm not dead, I'm just on vacation.  I'm done with my first week and four more to go so there will be very few updates to the news section.  At any rate, the instant builds are working fine, and B-Frames are progressing very fast in the debug build, but of course slow as hell.  I made an SMP build of the encoder (vfw.dll) if someone would like to test it. It has no installer and will only be faster on computers with 2 CPUs (or more).

Just thought I'd mention, the Debug build has B-Frames enabled.  It's alot slower to use the Debug build but if you really want to see it work, check it out in the instant build section.  Just remember that there are still some issues with B-Frames.  At the moment B-frames work well with constant quantizer mode.  No 2-pass or MV-hinting.  Just remember, it's slow, very experimental and developing fast.

For those who havn't noticed, Nic made a build of XviD with B-frames enabled.  This is a very experimental build, but if you want to see how B-frames are progressing, pick up his build from the XviD forum.  Just remember, it's very experimental.

Finally got my new ISP working.  I've been offline at home for about 3 days now, and was starting to get the shakes.  But, I'm okey.  Somebody made a commit yesterday to the CVS that broke building in MSVC6, so when that has been fixed there will be a new build with a huge changelog.  Until then, the current instant build seems to be very usable.

Alot happening these days.  11 updates since I last wrote something, 5 of them B-frame related.  I guess wheels are turning in that arena.  We also have new experimental Luma Masking code by ProfDrMorth.  I've tested it and think it gives better results that the old code.  I'm currently running the second pass on a full movie a few times to see what's best (no luma, old luma or new luma).  I'm not very scientific about the test, but I'll have an oppinion on the matter soon.

Yesterday was independance day here so I wasn't able to check much then.  It seems like the instant builds are working.  However my updates to this site have had problems.  For those people interested, the new build in the downloads section is just a copy of an instant build for the same day that is working quite well for me.  I just like to update that section every once and a while with builds that do a good job.  The latest builds can always be found in the instant build section.
Again there's not much news today.  I've been trying out changes to Luma Masking by ProfDrMorph that are looking good.  No scientific experiments yet, but maybe we'll see his code in the CVS soon, and that means a new build here.

After a few hours of getting all the wrinkles ironed out everything seems to be working.  Thanks to everybody that sent me a copy of the changelog.  I patched up the log so it's (close to) perfect.  Now all I have to see is if the Instant build system will work.

The new host is up and running. Very many thanks to Leif for helping me out with a host.  I had to change 2 programs, and a bunch of batch files and FTP scripts so just drop me a note if something doesn't seem to be working correctly.  In the process, I lost my changelog and a few of the instant builds that were created over the past 4-5 days but that's no great loss.  If you have an old changelog from me (changelog_full.txt) please send it to me.  It's not the file that was distributed in the Install package.  It only sat on my site.
And sorry for changing the urls twice in one day.  The official url will be xvid.hopto.org and not the one that was posted here for a few hours.

I'll be changing ISP's soon so this page will go offline for a few days.  When it comes back up, I'll post a message in Doom9's forum.  In the mean time the instant builds will not be available, but the notification emails will still be sent out (and the changelog maintained).  At any rate, this site will be reachable by using the url http://xvid.hopto.org.  The site will not go down today.  In fact, my new host should be ready before this one goes down.

Wow, it's been a while since I updated.  Been busy, and havn't been able to connect to the internet from home latly.  Alot has been done on the ME front over the past week or so.  I am planing on creating a build with Advanced Diamond search by sysKIn so you can test that, but I can't until tomorrow.  Also, decore has had a few fixes as well.

Guess what, summers arrived.  Lots of fixes to the Motion Estimation and Hinted Motion Estimation (2-pass mode) in XviD over the past few days.  Also a memory leak has been pluged.

Development seems to have slowed a bit, but that just means sombody's hard at work somewhere implementing new features.  There have been quite a few changes and updates since I listed them last :).  We have Better (foxer's) CBR code, fixed hinted ME with Luma Masking bug, custom Quantization Matrix fixed, XviD now works with Vidomi,  fixed Motion Vectors for left boundry blocks and many speedups.

Did my first commit to the XviD project today (I R programmer?).  It fixes the "XviD.dll has newer API" bug that's been around for a few weeks, at least I hope it does.

My site is working as before now.  Might see some improvment over the next few days though, but don't expect anything big.

Had some server problems, and a problem with the install script used for XviD.  Both problems should now be fixed.

Problem solved.  Instant builds should be working now.  As you have probebly seen, we've had some SSE2 code added (currently disabled), fixes so XviD works with Vidomi, Luma masking and  more.

Why do computers crash?  It seems like the computer used to run the Instant builds is getting unstable.  And since today is a national holiday here, I won't be able to check up on it until Friday morning.  No builds until then, sorry.

I've been out sick for a few days, but I'm back.  My development machine at work crashed late last night and wasn't rebooted until after 5 pm today, so the instant build for today had more than one change.

Due to popular demand, I have started a mailing list at yahoo-groups that sends out a message everytime an instant build is made.  To subscripe to the list, send an email to xvid-builds-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

The big news yesterday was suxen_drol's b-frame merge.  He added b-frame support code to the CVS, but it's not working, or acctually, it's commented out.  This allows other developers to work around his changes, and him to take a backup of his current work.  It's still a while until b-frames will be ready, and as Doom9 said here, b-frames alone won't do any wonders.  Over the past few days we've also seen a few bug fixes.
I'm looking into starting a Yahoo-group that send's notification emails whenever a new build is made.  I already have it working, but I want to wait for a new build to be made and see it work before I open it for the public.  If you have any comments on this, then please email or PM me on Doom9's forum.

Everything is moving along nicly.  Over the past few days we've had a few changes.  Daylight savings time for one.  There were however also great changes to XviD, including better debug output for CBR mode, the Alt CC has been modified to be better configurable, interlaceing bugfixes in decore and more.  I removed Foxers GIF from the install package, but left a link to the image on my site.  I did this to try and keep the install file as small as possible.

There have been a few changes to XviD in the past few days.  We now have hinted Motion Vectors in 2nd pass mode by h.  It gives about 20% speed increase in the 2nd pass and about 1.6% less quality (higher quants).  H also gave us interlaced encoding yesterday.  Foxer has made some fixes to how credits are handled in 2 pass mode and Isibaar has rewoked the vcl tables (how directly from the log is that).
On the horizon we have B frames (of course), Nic's DS filter put into CVS and a reworked help file by Koepi.

Just took a peek at my usage statistics.  On April first there was a surge of unique hits.  Almost 50% more than usual.  I wonder why... :)  Nothing much to report today, yet.  H might add his interlaced-encoding technique soon, and Nic's hard at work intigrating the post-processing filter into XviD's core, so we'll see that soon in the CVS.  I'm very happy about everything that's happend these past few days... well almost everything.  I really should be in a more forgiving, after all, it's been 2 days.

Still upset about yesterday ?  Well, today Gruel added EPZS, a new way to calculate motion vectors (a very important part of MPEG-4 encoding, in case you didn't know).  EPZS is not the default in the CVS, but I made a special build this morning that you can find in the download section if you want to try it out. EPZS^2 (square insed of diamond search pattern) is not enabled in this release.  The instant builds don't have this feature yet (if ever) because it's not certain that it is better than PMVfast (the code currently being used for motion vector calculations).  Test away.

Ahh, what a beutiful day.  I looked over to doom9.org as I always do in the morning to see what's happening.  He had a note about Nandub being 1 year old today and that there was nothing quite as exciting happening today.  The first thing that poped into my head was 'this would be the perfect day to launch the B-frames', it being April 1st and all.  Shooting over to the forums (reading the XviD one first) I noticed thisB-frames in CVS!  I started to tremble.  My palms were getting swetty.  I  had a hard time getting my mousepointer to the quick-launch bar to press Internet Explorer and load my site.  I needed to get my hands on this right away.  To my shock there had been no build for over 24 hours!  I started franticly looking though my server and to my surprise I could see the instant builds system was working.  So I poped over to XviD.org again and checked the WebCVS.  No updates to xvidcore for over 24 hours there also.  Now I was getting worried.  I finally minimized everything except for one IE window that I opened originaly.  Took a peek at Doom9's forum, specifically the message about B-frames, and I have to say, it's way to early in the morning for this sort of joke :)
Happy April fools day everyone...  For those of you who aren't quite sure, B-frames are NOT ready...yet.

One important fix this morning that many have complained about.  Foxer fixed the rate control problem when asking the 2-pass mode to create very large files.  Test the newest instant build if you had that problem (very undersized files).

Alot has happend in the past few days.  h has added interlaced support, though it's still in the early test phases.  It will get better and faster (and enabled) soon enough.  Also, I've tested CBR mode with luma masking enabled and it's working (h's changes earlier today).
There have been alot of changes to XviD for non Windows OSs in the past few days.  These changes trigger new builds here, even though there is no change from the last build.  This was the case pretty much all day yesterday.  There were 4 builds, 3 of them only had changes for Linux. :)

Sorry for not updating news for a few days.  I looove XviD.  I've been using it on test clips and full movies over the weekend and it's great.  And I have to say I'm very exited about h's hint on Doom9's forum.  Maybe we'll see B-frames soon.  Foxers new CBR code was commited yesterday, though it dosn't seem to fix the issue with using Luma masking in CBR (crashes my machine).  However I've been using Foxers new Alt VBR code with great results.
And one final note.  You don't have to update every time there's a new build :)  Of course you can, that's why I offer it, but I know it can drive a person crazy trying to always have the most current build to test.
Keep up the good work, both coders and testers, and I'll see you at the forums!

Nic has a new and improved DS-filter today.  Faster than every, and it really works wonders.  There's no post-processing in my builds yet, so until the CVS is updated you can get his filter here.  Just uncompress it into the same directory as XviD.ax is in (e.g. c:\windows\system32).  You can also get the installer at Nic's site.

Quite a few changes over the past few days.  The CBR bug should now be fixed (where XviD allways used a very low bitrate), and P4 optimizations have started.  Instant builder has made 6 builds over the past 4 days.  I've added the sources to the instant builds section for those few that are having problems getting the source from the CVS.  Also, the past 10 builds are now available if a serious bug creeps into the CVS.  That way you can downgrade insted of being stuck with a broken codec.

Big day today.  Isibaar and h have been updating the CVS all day making the instant build system kick in 7 times today (and it's only four o'clock).  These changes should bring a nice speed increase in both encoding and decoding of XviD video.  Nic's DS filter is getting better every day, well mostly faster.  But faster is better, right ?  Anyway, you can pick up his DS filter on his site.

Everybody probebly noticed that the CVS came back with a bang.  These last few hours have 3 releases of XviD, and there may be more to come tonight.  XviD now has a new front-end.  It has a Config page with an Advanced option (5 pages) under it.  Luma masking (which is fixed now) can be left on at all times if you choose to use it, and will automatically be turned off for the first pass of the video.  We can now see that B-frames are almost here (grayed out in the advanced option) and that's great news.  I recommend downloading the latest build (bottom left of window) and try it out!

Bad news everyone, there will be no updates to XviD for one or two days due to complications on the CVS server.  Of course the codec is still under development, but the authers will not be able to send their changes to the CVS server.  We'll have to wait a while for the fix to Luma masking, which by the way is broken in Core 2 (the newer builds).  Now for the good news.  The new core is working wonderfully in all my tests (mostly cartoons, DVD source), and I read the same on the forum.  Nic has made a new build of his DS-filter that can be found it on his page.  Also there should be a new VFW front-end ready, complete with tool-tips, but we have to wait for the CVS for that update, possibly longer.

I've been testing Nic's directshow filter this evening, and I like what I see.  Can't wait til it's imported into the CVS.  Since it hasn't yet, I though I'd mirror it for him here (hope that's OK Nic).  It's updated every few days so also keep an eye on Nic's page for updates.  I really, REALLY like the deringing feature.  Gives a very clear and sharp picture.  To try it, download the file and extract XviD.ax into the Windows\System (Win9x/ME) or Windows\System32 (Win2k/XP) directory.

I changed the way instant builds are created by popular demand. In fact, by VERY popular demand. I'm now using kdbla's script and Nullsofts installer, the same way Koepi is creating an install program. Thanks kdbla! Anyway, the instant builds are now created using this procedure. There are 2 downloads to choose from. One has Koepi's XOE file included, the other doesn't. I suggest new users download the file with the XOE file (only 685k). Just remember to uninstall previous installed versions before installing my build.

Less than 15 minutes since my last update.  Koepi was kind enough to tell me what I was doing wrong (thanks).  I had to patch it manually so there's a new build in the download section.  Remember, it's a new version of core so you should expect some new problems and hopefully some old problems have been fixed.  I havn't tested this build (except for opening virtualdub and checking the about box).  Enjoy.

Well, I fixed the instant builds, but I'm having trouble building the VFW front-end.  The RAR file only contains the direct-show filter (xvid.ax) so it's not very usefull.  That's the build from 0:20 today.  If there is another build made later tonight, it might be fixed but don't count on that happening.  Nobody has yet released the new core as a binary so I expect others are having the same problem.  However, keep looking here and at Nic's and Koepi's.  One of us is bound to get the binary out there sooner or later.

The new API is now in the CVS, and with it came alot of changes.  This brakes the instant build (again) because the name of core has changed to xvidcore. I'll fix this in the morning so stay tuned.  I have not been able to build it yet due to the fact that I don't have DirectX SDK here at home (to big a download).

The build from 15:59 today is only a test build.  It contains nothing new.  I wanted to make sure everything was working properly for the weekend, which it is.  Just a friendly reminder, the builds on this page are created directly from the CVS.  This build does not have any post-processing, yet.

There been no real changes to the XviD code now for 2 days.  The forums have hinted a major update on Sunday.  Everybody is very excited about it and so am I.  Maybe it's the new API ?  Anyway, I started testing DivX5 yesterday and mostly like what I see.  I'm no expert in quality but it is impressive at first glance.  I, however, prefer the wait and see approch and am resuming my testing of XviD with some animated stuff now.

Instant build has now been running for a few days and is almost working flawlessly.  It's having trouble building the direct-show filter at the moment.  However, the DLL file (VFW front-end) is working perfectly, and the advances there these past few days have been very impressive.  If your using an older build, you should defenitly update to the latest instant build.  I should also point out the modified (excelent) direct-show filter available at Nic's and the help file available at Koepi's [edit: Sorry!].  These guys are spending alot of time and energy on XviD.  Their files are updated frequently, so check there often.  Nic is now building XviD with VC7 (I'm using VC6) so report to the forums if there is any change in speed (or anything).  If VC7 turns out to be faster/better, then I'll update.

A build was made at 1:15 automatically by the instant build system so I think I can say that it's finally working as planed.  You will now be able to get builds created directly from the CVS (no changes whatsoever) less than 15 minutes after they are commited (as long as they don't add a new projects <gr>).
Of course, the changes commited to the CVS last night were not really changes.  As you can see in the log, it's only an updated makefile which is not used in Windows, so we'll have to see what happens once a real change is made to the CVS.

Instant builds is fixed again :) (I hope).  We'll have to wait for a change in the CVS to make sure though, so keep them fingers crossed.  At any rate, there is a build from 11:07 in the instant builds section which will work.  I've included the help file into the RAR file.

Instant build is broken again... sorry.  Due to the time of day, It will have to wait until morning to get fixed.

Instant build was broken, but is fixed as of 11:15 GMT.  It checks the CVS for changes every 15 minutes and updates the page only if there are changes.  The changes file shows what was updated and when.  Check the forums at Doom9 and XviD to see what updates have been made.

Once again, a new build is up.  Some changes have been made to the VFW frontend.  The internal 2-pass mode has been redone, so It's alot better.  Also, for anone that needs a build fast, you can try my experimental instant build page :)  The ZIP file is updated every 15 minutes from the lates CVS sources.  The builds seem to work fine, at least for me. The filename of the ZIP file will say when it was built, the last 4 chars beeing the time in GMT.

Sorry for not updating over the past few days.  I've been having unimaginable problems with my PC, which ended with a format and clean install of XP.  Then I found out it was bad ram.  Anyway, back up and running, but before I can make a new build I have to download the DirectX SDK, so it will be a few hours at least.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Check back very soon.

Great day today... huge snowstorm forced me to stay home from work (weee) so I had nothing better todo but test XviD.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm really starting to like 2-pass encoding.  Anyway, here's the build I used in my tests, incase anybody else wants to do some testing of there own.  We're still waiting for the new core API, and I'm getting quite exited about it.  I've seen what happens after waits like this (the weeks before December 16th) and it's going to be great.  Among the features talked about (and partially implemented) are Interlaced video and B-frames (bi-directional predictable frames=smaller frames).  Can't hardly wait.

Not much new this past week in the CVS, since Isbaar and the guys are making some BIG changes to the API.  Anyway, can't let a week go by without a new build, so here you go.  No change-log for it though.

One day late :).  Sorry.  New build, of course.  We have quite a few changes in the VFW front-end.  You can now (and actually also in 10.02.02 build) select what FourCC code you want to use, and XviD is the default.  This will play the file with the XviD decoder and not the DivX decoder.  Just remember, if your compairing image quality that there's no post-processing in XviD yet.  Also, Lumi masking will NOT work in CBR mode if you use H.263 quantization (Luma works with everything else though).  The end-credits option should be fixed now and there is a new option for opening-credits.  You will find this under main->credits encoding option.  Also, there are new functions under Debug that you might want to try out.  But the front-end is not perfect yet, it still has some issues.

I was going to do another build today, but I think I'll wait.  The changes commited by Koepi and h are not working as planed but should be better in the morning, or even later tonight.  The front-end is changing to rapidly today for any build to be usefull (4 updates by Koepi and he's still going!).  You can find detailed info on what Koepi is currently doing, along with some temporary builds, here and here.  Keep it up guys!  A new build should be on-line tomorrow afternoon. And before I forget, don't use the end credits option in yesterdays build.  It has issues.

The green bug has now been fixed.  It was introduced with the new 3Dnow code so that had to be removed.  So this build will be slightly slower than the last, but the important thing is that it's working better now.  Also, alot of changes have now been made to the VFW encoding front-end.

There was a major bug in the last build for AMD processors.  So now there is a new build up.  This could take care of the pink bug (as far as I can tell).

Just a small note, to use the XviD decoder or direct-show filter, you must change the AVI FourCC code.  This can be done with AviC.  It's very simple to use.  There is however no post-processing done on the image when using the XviD decoder, so it might look a bit worse than with the DivX decoder.  And one more thing.  I create builds from the CVS, not the snapshots, so they are quite current, but the code used to create the builds is not well tested (which is where you come in ;)).

Some changes were made to the CVS in the pas 24hrs.  Isbaar said in the changelog "interpolate8x8: xmm and additional 3dnow optimizations".  Anyway, always best to have the most current build at all times.  Don't think I need to remind you, but this codec is unstable and has bugs in it.  A common bug that people are reporting is the pink and green macroblock bug.  There are 2 reasons for this bug.  1) The DivX decoder (that we use by defult) has a rounding error, and 2) Currently (though this might have just been fixed) the resolution of the compressed file must be a multible of 16.  Keep this in mind when you test the codec.

I'm trying to be more active again since I like the codec ALOT.  So, here we go, a new build is up.  Most of the changes since yesterday are listed here.  I've started using the codec more activly myself.  It's getting alot better.

New build.  Has 2nd pass calculation code built into the encoder front-end so you don't need GK if you'd like.  This is however imperfect code as far as I can gather, but it will get better.

A small note for anybody having problems with the DShow filter.  To uninstall it, run regsvr /u xvid.ax in windows 9x/ME and regsvr32 /u xvid.ax in windows 2000/XP.  There is n old bug that has creped back into the front-end.  If you press the browse button (for stats files) in 1 or 2 pass processing mode, you get an open dialog box, not a save dialog box.  This should be fixed soon (it had been fixed back in December).

Finally I finished downloading the DirectX sdk (quite big, even only the VC part).  Anyway, a new build is up with the DirectShow filter.

Sorry how long it was since my last update.  I've been busy.  Anyway, I'm working on getting the new build up with the Direct Show filter, so check back here soon.  It should be up by Monday at the latest

Upps, minor mistake on my behalf took down the page for a few hours.  Sorry :).

New build is up.  Here is a list of most changes.

I was out of town for the weekend and was unable to post changes.  New build again.  There have been alot of changes in the past few days.  The encoder is now about 10% faster (havn't verified this yet) and the decoder is quite a bit faster than the "other" decoder.  However to properly test the XviD decoder, you have to change the FourCC code in the AVI file.  This can be done with AviC.

Ohhhh, 19" screens are sooo nice.  Oh, where was I, right.  A new build is up.  It has all the changes marked as 4/2 in the forum.

Sorry for no updates.  I lost my CRT 3 days ago and havn't been able to do much without it.  I can't post any build at the moment, but I hope to be back this weekend with a new 19" screen.

Back earlier than I thought.  Got a small codec comparison up.  Not very good since it's my first one.  Please comment on what I need to improve.  I know the source was bad but I needed somthing semi-legal and short.  Maybe I should use a trailer from a DVD.
Also, there's a new build.

First off, Merry Christmas !
I'm testing somthing today.  There are 4 builds.  Each has it's own set of options.  There is a raw build (no optimizations), MMX build, XMM build and 3DNOW build.  See if you can get any of these working.  I have tested all of them on my Athlon Tbird 900MHz in VBR (quant 2) mode and they work for me.  I'll be back in a few days.

Upps, the link to the newest build pointed to the 20.12.01 build.  This has been fixed.  Sorry !
In other news...  A new build is up.  You can find it in the download section as always.  The only change (I know of) is that the CPU feature page in the codec configuration dialog is now active.  So if there were any problems related to what CPU people where using, try this version.
Also, I added the date of the build to the about box of the codec.  I think this really needs to be there so people know what build they are using, if the installation was sucessfull and so on.

Updates are getting more frequent, and that's never a bad thing... well almost never.  Anyway, a new build is up.  You'll find it in the download section as always.  This build contains mostly code cleaning and some fixes in the encoder, and a speed boost for the decoder.  Also a bad on my part is fixed, this build has _MMX_ defined so it's faster than the last build.
The decoder should now be able to reach DivX 4.x speeds, and sometimes surpass it.

I made a new build of XviD with some minor fixes.  I'm bundeling this build with an older .INF file.  I think this was the reason some people had problems with the 16.12 build.  If you have problems installing XviD with this INF file, try the INF file from the 16.12 build.  These are the changes I've found in the changelogs:
VFW frontend: Pete's 2 pass fix, minor fixes to the dialog boxes.
Core: CPU feature detection.
No changes made to Decore2 or Encore2 in the past 4 days.  As always, you can get this build in the Download section.

I've seen in the fourm that some people have had problems using my build of the XviD codec with the VFW front-end and Decore2.  I didn't use any specific SSE optimizations in making the build so that's not the problem.  I can use it on my 900MHz Thunderbird (no SSE) so I think most people should be able to use it.  I however never tested the install script.  I installed the codec by copying XVID.DLL over a working (older) version of XviD in the \windows\system32 direcory.  I hope this helps some of the people out there.  Also, the new front-end has issues as described in the news 16.12.01.  There are alot more issues that have come up over the past several days so if you can't get this build to work for you, just wait for the next one (a few days away still).  Perhaps alot of work can get done over the holidays ? <wink wink>  Anyway, like all of you, I'm really excited about where this is going.

The new front-end is available in the CVS now, along with Decore2 (yesss).  I'm finally able to compile everything correctly and the XviD DLL is about half the size it was !  This build is probebly highly unstable and should be used with great care.  You can pick it up in the download section
Problems have been reported with CBR (creates undersized files) and the new 2pass mode.  The 2pass mode uses a Nandub .stats file for maximum control in Gordon Knot.   No help is yet available with how to do any of this but it is actually quite simple.
In other news today, I'm working on a program to compare 2 streams using PSNR.  It's almost functional and I hope to get a beta on-line within 1 or 2 weeks.

The XviD team is hard at work this week-end on Decore2.  Isibaar has made quite a few changes to it in the CVS these past few days.  I, however, have not been able to build XviD using Decore2.  I guess I'll have to wait for the new front-end before that works properly.  Anyway, since the only changes made since December 3rd have been to Decore2, there's no need to make a new binary available yet.
I am thinking about making some sort of video analyze tool to report differences in 2 or more video streams.  If it works, it might be usefull to see what codec retains the most of the original video.  We'll see what I can get done in the next week.

Interesting peace of info came from Isibaar yesterday in this thread.  XviD team is planing on making a milestone release sometime around Christmas.  I excpect to see the new front-end and decore2 in that release, as well as the .stats 2-pass mode (same 2-pass mode that Nandub uses).  I will of course make binaries of the CVS every few days until then.

Got all new files from the CVS and created a new binary.  Build 295 is now available for download here.  This update has no real fixes or changes, but it's always best to be properly up to date when it comes to codec's, right. 

Decore2 is in it's infancy.  It should make it into the project before years end if all goes well, probably sooner.  I'm just waiting on an update to the CVS with the new front-end and decore2 (or decore if that's better).  When that's fixed, I'll make a new binary available.