Downloads:  Here you will be able to download the older binaries created from the CVS at XviD,org.

Build 12.07.02: XviD 12.07.02.exe (278kb), SMP verison of VFW.DLL (2 CPU version) (106kb),
Beginings of SMP (using more than one CPU) now working (special build required), bugfixes in ME code, alot of B-Frame fixes (special build required) and alot of smaller fixes.

Build 01.07.02: XviD 01.07.02.exe (279kb),
New Luma Masking code, fixes in CPU features check  and speed optimizations.

Build 14.06.02: XviD 14.06.02.exe (275kb),
New INTER4V heuristics, bugfix in Motion Estimation, fixes in hinted ME and Luma Masking (safe to use both in both passes), fixes in DShow (no green flash in begining of clip) and fixes in the ratecontrol (when running many XviD encoders at the same time).  This package also contains the new url for this site.

Build 10.05.02: XviD 10.05.02.exe (268kb),
New in this build: Better (foxer's) CBR code, fixed hinted ME with Luma Masking bug, custom Quantization Matrix fixed, Works with Vidomi, fixed inverted MB bug (coeff clamping), fixed Motion Vectors for left boundry blocks and many speedups.

Build 13.04.02: XviD 13.04.02.exe (256kb),
This is a quite stable working version.  It has alot of bug fixes and speedups from last build, especially to the Interlaced mode.  Also has the 2 Gb bug fixed in 2-pass mode and hinted motion vectors.

Build 02.04.02: XviD 02.04.02.exe (271kb),
This build of XviD has Gruel's new EPZS code enabled (not EPZS^2).  This build is slower than the regular CVS builds in the instant build section.

Build 31.03.02: XviD 31.03.02.exe (263kb),  (source, 384kb).
This is a fairly stable and fast build of XviD.  It contains some P4 optimizations, Foxer's new 2-pass code, Foxers new CBR mode (both have the 2GB+ problem fixed), interlacing support for Key-frames, no more crashing in CBR if luma masking is enabled and many small fixes.

Build 17.03.02: XviD 17.03.02.exe (251kb).
This build has the speed improvements for today.  I've tested this build and it seems to encode and decode very well.  XviD now uses an installer (like the instant builds) so it's alot easier to use.  This build includes fixes in the luma masking that was a problem in the 11.03.02 build.

Build 11.03.02: XviD 11.03.02.rar (623kb).
A build with the new core.  Includes the latest version of the help file (version 1.3, PDF format).

Build 01.03.02: XviD 01.03.02.rar (99kb).
Lots of changes.

Build 22.02.02: XviD 22.02.02.rar (99kb) (source, 213kb).
Mostly changes to the front-end.

Build 17.02.02: XviD 17.02.02.rar (98kb) (source, 211kb).
Not many changes, but it might fix somthing.

Build 13.02.02: XviD 13.02.02.rar (98kb) (source, 346kb).
Many changes to front-end.

Build 10.02.02: XviD 10.02.02.rar (97kb) (source, 216kb).
This build should fix the green bug.

Build 07.02.02: XviD 07.02.02.rar (95kb) (source, 338kb).
Ok, the last build was very buggy for AMD processors.  Please update to this version.

Build 05.02.02: XviD 05.02.02.rar (95kb) (source, 345kb).
New build with minor changes.

Build 30.01.02: XviD 30.01.02.rar (94kb) (source, 341kb).
Bunch of changes.  Check the forum for detailed info.

Build 29.01.02: XviD 29.01.02.rar (93kb) (source, 207kb).
New options in encoder and fixes in DS filter.

Build 20.01.02: XviD 20.01.02.rar (89kb) (source, 323kb).
Mostly the new DirectShow filter for decompressing.

Build 12.01.02: XviD 12.01.02.rar (76kb) (source, 184kb)
Alot of changes.  See news for more info.

Build 07.01.02: XviD 07.01.02.rar (76kb) (source, 227kb)
Alot of changes.  See news if you need more explaination than that.

Build 03.01.02: XviD 03.01.02.rar (71kb) (source, 130kb)
Quite a few changes today since I didn't make a build before years-end.  Most are described here and here.

Build (no build number) - 27.12.01: XviD 27.12.01.rar (70kb) (source, 247kb)
Small changes, mostly fixes.  Since there was no feedback on the different settings from 25.12.01 I will only post the MMX version again.  It's possible to change what instructions are used in the config dialog of the codec anyway so that should be enough.

Build (this is changing) - 25.12.01: XviD.mmx.25.12.01.rar (69kb) XviD.nommx.25.12.01.rar (69kb) XviD.xmm.25.12.01.rar (69kb) XviD.3dnow.25.12.01.rar (69kb) (source, 248kb)
More changes to the front-end.  This is a test only build.  We have the normal MMX build, should work for K6/Athlon & Pentium1/2/3/4, the XMM build for Athlon & Pentium 2/3/4, the 3DNOW build for k6-2/Athlon and finally a un-optimized build for everybody else.  If there is still a problem with my builds, then maby it's nasm (I'm using NASM version 0.98.08).  Merry Christmas everyone.

Build (this is changing) - 23.12.01: XviD 23.12.01.rar (69kb) (source, 166kb)
Only a change in the front-end.  Users can now select the CPU optimizations they would like.

Build (this is changing) - 22.12.01: XviD 22.12.01.rar (63kb) (source, 312kb)
Code Cleaning and fixes.  A huge speed increase for Decore2.  20.12 build didn't have _MMX_ defined so it was abit slow (sorry).

Build (this is changing) - 20.12.01: XviD 20.12.01.rar (64kb) (source, 450kb)
Minor bugfix release (see news for details).  Hope this fixes problems some people have been reporting.  I'm bundeling this version with the install file from 05.12.  I think some people may have had problems with the install file from 16.12.

Build (this is changing) - 16.12.01: XviD 16.12.01.rar (62kb) (source, 319kb).
Alot of changes (see news).  New interface, new decoder.  Uses same encoder as last build.  Built using default Relase settings, maximum speed.

Build 295 - 5.12.01: XviD 5.12.01.rar, 128kb (source, 566kb).
A few patches since last binary in encoder (nothing serious).  This version still uses decore, old front-end and old VBR code.  This will probably change soon.

Build 288 - 30.11.01: XviD 30.11.01.rar, 128kb.
First build released here.  This uses Encore2, has MMX, 3dNow and SSE optimizations in encoding.  User must install DivX 4.x to decode video (or a newer version of XviD with a decoder, not available at the moment).