Downloads:  Here you will be able to download the newest binaries created from the CVS at

The most recent builds can be found here in the instant build section.

Build 24.10.02: XviD 24.10.02.exe (293kb),
Ok, so more than a month later ... a new quite stable build. New ME, Qpel, B-frames and alot of speedups and bugfixes.

Build 10.09.02: XviD 10.09.02.exe (287kb),
Not letting another month go by without a new stable (or at least quite stable) build.  Not very many fixes, but most notable the interlace bug has been fixed. Some speedups.

All builds after this point have the interlacing bug.  Do not use interlaced mode with these builds.

Build 12.08.02: XviD 12.08.02.exe (288kb),
Wow, a full month since my last stable release (not officially stable though, but working well for me).  These are the changes since last build:
New curve treatment by Foxer, Grayscale encoding (gives cleaner black/white movies), swiched back to old lumi-masking code (fixes very bad blocks in very dark areas), and alot of bugfixes as usual.  B-frames are also comming along well.


Older builds can be found here.


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