Here you will find untested builds from the XviD CVS. The source for this build is from the dev-api-3 tree. It's the development tree and can be unstable. Video encoded with this build may not be decodable with later builds of XviD. If you want a more stable version, click here.
This codec is being changed almost on a daily basis. Some days it just won't work! If the file that you are trying to download is missing, then there is a problem with today's build. Sorry. You could try an older build.

Latest untested builds:
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XviD.Alpha.17.07.2003.1100.exe (353 kb), Standard XviD package with help.

XviD.Alpha.XOE.17.07.2003.1100.exe (894 kb), Standard package + Koepi's XviD options explained.

XviD.Alpha.SMP.17.07.2003.1100.exe (missing), SMP build (multiCPU)

Source files for XviD (643 kb)

What's new in this build:
17.7.2003 11:00:
U vfw/src/codec.c (rev.1.29) syskin:
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Latest CVS update to dev-api-3 tree detected on 17.7.2003 at 11:00.

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Are you having problems with this build? You could try using an older build or a debug build (242 kb) of the current version. There are also alternate builds available from Nic and Koepi.